Gearing up for the ride of my life

I’ve signed up for a 94 mile charity bike ride on 28 June, from Glasgow to Dumfries. It’s part of a longer Glasgow to London multi-day event, but I don’t think I’m quite up to that one yet.

It’s all in aid of Ovarian Cancer Action. My wife Eileen has ovarian cancer and I’m keen to do what I can to help research and find some ways of mitigating this insidious disease. I’ve never been a big fundraising person or particularly outgoing or in the limelight kind of guy, but I know I have generous friends who will support us given the chance. This is that chance.

I’ve been on a couple of training rides so far, 24 miles at the longest, and I recognise that I’m going to have to step that up if I have any hope at all of even finishing the ride in June, much less maintaining some kind of respectable pace. I have been averaging 10 miles an hour, but that’s not going to be good enough because the day entails a few rest/lunch breaks and I won’t want to be trailing so far behind the others. Hopefully I can get some friends/family to go along with me so I won’t be a weedy granddad amongst a bunch of beefy strangers.

Oh, this ride is called “Man Power” because it’s all about Men Doing Stuff for their Women, which I can get behind for a good cause.


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