It’s Java: Deal with it

It’s Java – deal with it

This weekend we’re building a card game with Java (see what I did with the title there? Never mind …)

If you want to read a clever and accurate emotional reckoning of the week that rings true to me, read my classmate Claudia’s post for this week: Java(aagh?!).

I’m so glad we started to learn programming with Ruby, though. She was the first girlfriend who was so easy to be with that you didn’t realise you were also learning life lessons that would stand you in good stead when you tried to form a relationship with somebody new.


Oh Ruby, you were so beautiful … what happened to us?

The new cohort, Cohort 8, started this week and it’s really interesting seeing them going through the same experience we did not so long ago – five weeks, to be exact.

And, as set down by time-honoured tradition, this week Cohort 7 hosted a “pub quiz” for Cohort 8 as a social mixer. I managed to get a few very out-of-focus shots that I won’t bore you with here. Needless to say it was nothing like this:


The ladies and gentlemen of Codeclan enjoying a decorous evening’s entertainment?

Just imagine the opposite of that and you won’t be far off the mark.


There were definitely no togas.

I was on the organising committee and snagged the easiest round for myself, a general knowledge round. I made up for it on the night by hogging the microphone and making a general arse of myself which deflected some of the attention away from the shyer members of the organising committee.

I’m happy to report the night went with a swing, and unless everyone was lying to spare our embarrassment, a good time was had by all.

I could post some footage of our instructors dancing up a storm, but that wouldn’t be kind on my part. However, if it makes it onto YouTube I’ll update this post with a link. I’m not as kind as all that.


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