The Game’s Afoot

This week and last week have been the two most stressful weeks of my time at CodeClan, because the way the timetable is structured it results in a perfect storm of competing priorities:

  1. We are learning two crucial bits of programming – Ruby on Rails and React JS. Maybe the most important two bits of programming if we want to do full stack web apps.
  2. We are coming up with a brief for and carrying out a final programming project. Mine is to put together Skillz – a web app to coordinate volunteers for a charity with projects that require particular skills. I’m using Ruby on Rails to build a back end database that will deliver an API of data for a React front end to consume and display. I’m hoping to get to the point of using the GoogleMap API to be give a location-based view of projects and suitable volunteers. (GitHub repo for the Skillz app.) At the time of writing this blog I am still very much in the requirements gathering, planning stage. No code as yet written.
  3. We are studying for, taking tests and code tests for, and gathering evidence for the PDA qualification CodeClan offers in Software Development.
  4. And last but certainly not least we are looking for work – refining our CVs, writing cover letters, attending employer networking events, going on site visits, going to interviews, taking code tests, ironing shirts and polishing shoes.

Added on to all that is the sadness that Cohort 7’s time here is coming to an end. I’ve gone from writing down everyone’s name and desperately trying not to get them wrong (not always succeeding), to feeling bosom buddies with all of them – Adrian, Alex, Bertie, Bobby, Carlos, Claudia, Cookie, Cyrus, David, Diana, Ewan, Jo, Kate, Kyle, Matthew, Pavlos, Ross, Tom B, Tom C and Max. We’ll no see their like again.


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